MJ Nursing Assistant Training Institute

Due to COVID-19 : 

We are taking precautions and we're teaching our Theory (Lecture) portion through Zoom and Clinicals will be held on-site. There is a limited space capacity for each class, so apply now!

 We are still accepting applications for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and are currently enrolling for our upcoming Weekend Course starting May 22, 2021 and ending August 21, 2021, and currently enrolling for our Summer Weekday Course starting July 6, 2021 and ending August 10, 2021.

For registration details and information please contact us today or apply on our website.  Thank you for your understanding and please stay safe. 

Contact : 

Joyin Aleru (RN/Program Director) - (209) 233-9854

Email : [email protected]


 MJ Nursing Assistant Training Institute (NATI) provides a 160-200 hour course that trains students in the care of residents in Long Term Care facilities. The program consists of 17 modules focused on all aspects of resident care, including, but not limited to the following: resident's rights, body mechanics, taking vital signs, and rehabilitative nursing.


This course will provide students with entry-level skills into various health professions. The experience gained as a certified nursing assistant also enables students to consider and pursue upward mobility in health services.


(209) 233-9854